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GameCube Elite



Peripherals Overview -
A basic official summary of the main peripherals for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

It's Unique - An up close look at the uniqueness of the system. Connectibility features, a new controller design, the hardware, and Nintendo's commitment to focus on making the worlds most original and innivative video games.

Game Disc - Gamecube uses a unique DVD format designed by Matsushita solely for Nintendo. See the possibilities of the Discs and how they reduce load times. 

Controller - The controller was designed to feel good, not look good. Take a look at it's features and it's secrets. Also take a sneak peek at the Wireless WaveBird controller.

GBA Connection - GameCube will connect directly to the GBA in a plug-and-play manner.  All in all, the possibilities are incredible, and we can't wait to see what else the two systems can do together. 

Network - Nintendo hasn't said much on it's online connectivity, the GameCube will be able to function will either a 56K modem or a broadband adapter. But will Nintendo take advantage of these possibilities?


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