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GameCube Elite

The Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo's first video game console to access game data through a disc rather than a cartridge.

Gamecube uses a unique DVD format designed by Matsushita solely for Nintendo. The 8-cm disc holds 1.5GBs of data and has elaborate encryption scheme one which Matsushita and Nintendo intend to never be cracked. That's nearly 47 times the size of the Zelda: The Ocarina of Time cartridge. Many would be quick to heckle Nintendo for not choosing a normal DVD format that would house 4.7GBs of data. It is true that Nintendo's choice in media is quite a bit smaller than the PS2's, for instance, but the truth is that developers don't realistically need that much space. The Gamecube uses S3TC texture compression and MuSyx for interactive sound, which eliminates some of the need for filling up the DVDs with uncompressed data. As well, the discs shouldn't be prohibitively expensive, so using 2 discs shouldn't pose a huge problem. 

The good news is that Nintendo didn't just get these tiny discs made to be stylish and protect themselves from piracy. The discs actually stream data faster than normal DVDs, so we'll see some reduction in load time because of it. Given enough skill with managing the RAM, smart developers shouldn't have too much trouble reducing the loading.


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