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GameCube Elite


The following is a checklist of what you will need in order to view this site at it's prime. It is recommended not required that you have the following components on/installed or set. As most sites have these settings as well. All of these are free downloads or easy set-up directions.

You can set your screen resolution to 800x600 in order to view the site as it was designed. You can do this by going to 'Start> Settings> Control Panel' once you're in the Control Panel double click on the 'Display' icon. When you see the Display Properties click on the Settings tab and go down to Screen Area From there you can either raise your resolution or lower it to fit 800 by 600 pixels.

You will need this latest browser in order to see all the site features perfectly. Most browsers like Netscape or AOL have many problems viewing this site and many others.

You will need this in order to extract certain files downloaded from our site. The files have the .zip extension and are compressed to make download faster.

You will need this in order to watch certain movie clips from our site. The files with the following extensions- .qt .avi .mov .mpeg .mpg


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