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It appears that with this generation no console manufacturor has missed the emerging importance of on-line connectivity. While Sony and Microsoft have apparently decided to leave their slow-speed users behind though, Nintendo has plans for its narrowband users in the form of this 56K modem adapter. 
While Nintendo seems to understand the needs of its more price-conscious consumers and has plans for a narrowband modem, they obviously don't want to forget their high-end users as well. With your broadband adapter you should be able to hook up to your DSL or cable connection and get down to ass whooping Internet-style on your GameCube all night long. Oddly enough, Nintendo's official stance as of Spaceworld was that the broadband adaptor would not be available at launch, but sometime soon afterwards. The other big question mark over this device is how much developers will choose to take advantage of it...most of them may in fact decide that narrowband gaming is the best way to reach the most users. In that case, the broadband adaptor isn't likely to provide a huge difference over the normal 56K modem.


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