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Gameboy Advance Flash Linker

GameCube Elite


Nintendo has built a reputation of showing great enthusiasm when it comes to controller designs. The reason for this is that it's the only interface to form a bond between the player and the characters. It has a direct link to how one interacts with the game along with the character. The controller has an analog stick and a digital pad on the left side. On the right side one large A button is positioned in the center to make the role of each button more intuitive. Around the A button are the B, Y, and X buttons. Below this set of buttons is the C stick, primarily used for in-game camera control. On top of the controller analog triggers are positioned on both the right and left. Also, a Z button is positioned on the right side. A rumble motor is implemented so the inconvenience of removing/inserting the rumble pack is eliminated.

The Gamecube Disc has a capacity of 1.5 GB and a diameter of 8 cm. The disc can fit in a pocket and is designed to be an advanced media that can be easily inserted/removed from the main drive and is user-friendly for all levels. Matsushita's technology for protecting copyrights has been incorporated, which will prevent illegal copies from being created. MORE INFORMATION...

Memory Car 59 and SD Card Adapter
Memory Card 59 is the memory card designed especially for the Gamecube. It includes 4 Mbits of flash memory. Also, the SD Card Adapter is compatible with the stamp-sized, large capacity recording media, SD Memory Cards. Those cards have a capacity of 64 MB and are made by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.

Wireless Controller Wavebird
The Wireless Controller, named the Wavebird, and the Wireless Reciever allows the gamers to play without having to deal with a cumbersome cord, allowing them a more creative style of play. An RF system is being used and the transmission distance is about 10 m -- farther away makes it hard to see the TV screen.

Modem and Broadband Adapters
The Modem Adapter is compatible with 56 Kbps, V.90 while the network connection device is compatible with the broadband network generation. The adapters can be put in the larger of the two serial ports on the main unit's underside. The Modem Adapter will be available at launch and the Broadband Adapter shortly after.

Digital Video Cable

The Digital Video Cable supports the uniform standardized D Terminal which is compatible with the advanced digital broadcasting environment. Nintendo plans to sell a component with three inputs (color coded).


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