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GameCube Elite


The controller was designed to feel good, not look good. Regardless, at first sight it does look more like a plush toy than it does a functional controller -- especially in its white incarnation (the silver and black models pictured in this story actually look a lot nicer than the "Fisherprice" like white one). But, when you slip it into your hand it feels very good, almost as if it was tailor-made for you. All of the buttons and analog sticks are very "soft" to the touch and it doesn't feel like you're pressing down on hard, chunky plastic. Rather, it feels very consistent and fluid, especially the larger "A" button. A few Gamecube developers have said that you don't want to stop mashing the "A" button because it just feels so comfortable. Miyamoto even mused that he'd like to create a game that just uses the one button. 

The  Wireless WaveBird

How many times have you been dying to get into a game of Super Smash Bros. with a group of friends, only to have to waste precious gaming moments untangling a rat's nest of wires? 
The WaveBird is a Wireless (RF) controller, allowing for cordless play. Using radio waves, you can play from a distance of 15 feet (though Nintendo says 30ft. may be possible). 

Though not clear from the pictures, the wireless receivers don't cover the DigiCard ports. Each receiver can be set to a different frequency matching the controller, so four WaveBirds can be used without interferance. 


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