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All Star Baseball 2002

My Score:

IGNcube: 6.8
GameSpot: 6.5
Grumpy gamers with long memories will remember that it took a year and a half after the N64 launched for its first baseball game to hit the shelves. In what may be Exhibit A of how easy it is to program for the Nintendo GameCube, ASB 2002 is launching with the system. Stadiums and some graphics, such as player faces, have been updated. The game's solid pitching and batting engines are back. But fielding and running AI can still be frustrating. The game's most noticeable change may be the extensive commentary by Byung-Hyun Kim consoler Bob Brenley and former broadcast partner Thom Brennaman. For this, you may thank the capacious memory of the GCN's discs.

Batman Vengeance
My Score: 

IGNcube: 8.1
GameSpot: 7.4
Based on the animated television show The New Adventures of Batman, Ubi Soft's Batman: Vengeance is an artistically produced action/adventure game starring the world-famous caped crusader. After playing the less-than-stellar Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker for Nintendo 64, we were admittedly a bit apprehensive about the Dark Knight's debut on Nintendo GameCube. Would Batman: Vengeance use its excellent license to create an engrossing gameplay experience, or would it use its license as an excuse to make a sub-par game? After only five minutes in front of the television, we're pleased and relieved to report that Batman: Vengeance is surprisingly good and true to its animated roots. 

Crazy Taxi
My Score: 
(First time player)
My Score: (Played it before)

IGNcube: 6.9
GameSpot: 4.9

Anyone who's ever been at the mercy of a crazed cabby will appreciate Sega's white-knuckle driving game. Brought to Nintendo GameCube by Acclaim, Crazy Taxi challenges you to hop behind the wheel and get your fare from point A to point B as quickly as cabbily possible. If you happen to bend a few traffic laws along the way, so be it. Crazy Taxi features four cabbies to choose from and two huge environments to explore. Working against a time limit, you have to pick up as many riders as possible and take them wherever they want to go. The faster you reach your destination, the more money you'll be able to make before your shift is up. The fun part of this game is driving like there's no tomorrow to reach your goal.

Dark Summit
My Score:

IGNcube: 6.5
GameSpot: 7.2
Dark Summit is the best non-wrestling THQ title I’ve ever played. It’s not the most realistic or technically impressive snowboarding game out there, but it does bring a ton of unique ideas to the table and, more importantly, executes most of those ideas quite well. GameCube owners who don’t care for SSX Tricky or can’t deal with its shoddy port to Nintendo’s system should seriously consider giving Dark Summit a try. Its main mode is just perfect for a five-day rental, and it would seem to be a very worthy purchase to those who can appreciate the game’s bizarre style and unusual game design.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
My Score: 
IGNcube: 8.0
GameSpot: 6.9
King of the grind Dave Mirra plants two wheels on the NINTENDO GAMECUBE with this way-tricked-out game. Players have their choice of 14 top pros, including Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist and Mike Laird. Mix-and-match grinds, wall rides and more from the innovative S.I.K. trick system to pull off more than 1,500 different tricks and earn the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. of your fellow riders. Over all not abad game.

FIFA Soccer 2002
My Score: 

IGNcube: 8.6
GameSpot: 8.9
The smart new Nintendo GameCube Controller gives you incredibly subtle authority over the on-pitch action. Shrewd use of the analog A, B and X buttons allows you to power-up passes, lobs and shots, respectively. Quickly jabbing the Y Button gives you a burst of speed for breakaways. The C-Stick enables one-twos, while holding down the L and R buttons allows you to curl a ball around a defender. FIFA Soccer 2002 comes laden with 16 leagues, more than 500 teams and 10 tournaments. It's worth a rent.

Luigi's Mansion
My Score: 

IGNcube: 7.0
GameSpot: 7.9
No longer the second banana to older brother Mario, Luigi breaks out as the star of his own adventure with Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo GameCube (GCN). The hair-raising fun begins when Luigi wins a frightening ghost-filled mansion as the grand prize of a big contest. When Luigi arrives, he discovers that his brother is lost in the house's many chambers, tunnels and catacombs. For once, Luigi must be the one to save the day. With help from a kooky paranormal researcher and his Boo-capturing tools, Luigi explores the massive mansion and deals with its other-worldly occupants. I, like many others, was disapointed by this game, but it's fun while it lasts.

Madden NFL 2002

My Score: 

IGNcube: 8.7
GameSpot: 8.6
Like clockwork, you can count on EA Sports to crank out a new Madden game for each fresh NFL season. Their NFL games are consistently good, and they're never mere rehashings of the previous year's game with updated rosters. You can always expect some new features, too. For Nintendo fans, this year's Madden is better than ever.

NBA Courtside 2002
My Score:

IGNcube: 7.5
GameSpot: 7.6
This is a good basketball game overall, but there will definitely be better games coming to the GameCube in the future. If you were a fan of the first game, then you’ll for sure like this one, but otherwise, you’d be better to wait for EA’s Live series or Sega’s NBA2K2. Normally, it could be said that there’s room for improvement, but since the game probably isn’t going to be developed by Left Field in the future, there are no guarantees for next year. If you need a basketball game right now, it’s recommended you rent first.

NFL QB Club 2002
My Score:

IGNcube: 5.4
GameSpot: 5.5
I have played most of the QBC titles for the N64, and every year the series falls short. It’s frustrating to me why Quarterback Club keeps coming out, yet each new one sees no major improvement over its predecessors. Obviously this game was rushed, and could have benefited with a couple months of additional work. Acclaim Sports has released their first two titles very prematurely. If Acclaim decides to release another Quarterback Club title on the GameCube, they’ve got a lot of work to do to make it a contender.

NHL Hitz 2002
My Score: 

IGNcube: 7.4
GameSpot: 7.2
Boasting full NHL and NHLPA licenses, Hitz presents all your favorite teams and players in photorealistic detail. Capabilities are based on real-life stats. You can also create a player and hone your skills in minigames. Midway's trademark On-Fire Mode means hot players are virtually unstoppable. A fully 3D crowd will interact with the on-rink action, banging on the glass, throwing hats on the rink and even walking out on bad games. Midway promises plenty of loudmouth commentary and even such realistic touches as ice that deteriorates as a match wears on.

Pac-Man World 2
My Score:

IGNcube: 7.0
GameSpot: 7.9
Pac-Man has really evolved into a true videogame character, and I like what I see. The game has some technical issues, but Pac-Man World 2 is one of the better 3D platformers out there and provides a great deal of fun. It's good to see old-fashioned gaming still has a home on the console market.

My Score:
IGNcube: 9.1
GameSpot: 8.9
An innovative and imaginative game that is difficult to categorize, Pikmin challenges you to survive on a hostile planet with help from a group of plantlike creatures that pop up from the ground. While Pikmin are not strong creatures, they show a lot of power when you gather many of them together. As a group, they are strong enough to destroy blocking obstacles and strong enough to take on much larger insect-like enemies. By accomplishing tasks with Pikmin, you can add more Pikmin to your pack, until you have a troop of 100 or more.
Strategy, resource management type games aren’t generally the what I like to play, but something about Pikmin’s feel really drew me to it, and still keeps me coming back for more. I will beat this game, and probably more than once. Pikmin more than exemplifies what “The Nintendo Difference” is all about. I think Pikmin will probably be the sleeper hit of the year. Shigeru Miyamoto has created yet another unique and wonderful experience.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
My Score: 

IGNcube: 9.1
GameSpot: 9.4
Developed by Factor 5 in conjunction with LucasArts, Rogue Squadron II delivers eleven primary missions bursting with beautiful graphics and cutting-edge sound. You'll recognize a few of these missions ripped straight from classic Star Wars scenes, such as Death Star Attack and Battle of Hoth. Other missions, like Raid on Bespin and Vengeance on Kothlis, cover less-famous exploits of the Rebel Alliance which didn't attract as much screen time. After playing through Rogue Leader, I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some solid action gaming and any fan of the Star Wars trilogy. From the moment you see the movie clips playing in the background on the title screen you’ll love this game. Even when your ship is spiraling into a mountain with flames engulfing it, you’ll love this game. For fans of the movies, Rogue Leader is a dream come true, yet it’s still a great game for anyone.

Simpsons Road Rage, The

My Score: 
hilarious match of hot license to game concept, The Simpsons Road Rage sends the sharp-tongued citizenry of Springfield on the road to earn enough dough to buy back the Springfield Transit Corp. from filthy rich grumbler J. Montgomery Burns. 
In Road Rage mode, Homer, Bart and 15 other madcap motorists rack up cash by delivering fares before time runs out. You can earn extra loot with super-fast deliveries, being extra-destructive (not as easy as you'd think) and avoiding multiple collisions. You earn extra seconds with timely deliveries and by knocking over Springfield Transit shelters. I do highly recommend Simpsons Road Rage as a rental, especially for when hanging out with friends. Hardcore Simpson fans will get a kick outta the game, but even they will question the merit of owning this game. Gameplay isn’t anything special and gets quite repetitive.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
My Score:

IGNcube: 6.9
GameSpot: 6.8
Many people like to downplay or outright ignore Sonic’s exploratory nature, claiming he is all about speed...with the possible exception of the very first Sonic, that is a ridiculous statement. It’s hardly executed perfectly, but the non-Sonic gameplay brings out this sense of exploration, as do the extra missions (such as Find the Chao and Hard Mode). Trying to earn every Emblem will be a long and tedious challenge, but those who just want to play through the game will not need so much patience. The game isn’t perfect, and even those like me who adore the game will get frustrated at times, but I honestly welcome the variety. There was more that could have been tweaked , but I agree that it was time for Sonic Team USA to move on. Gamers who have played the previous version of SA2 and love the stuff SA2B improves on with a passion should buy the game right away. Other veterans should rent it, but only if they are interested in the new features. Those who never played Sonic Adventure 2 (and don’t mind non-Sonic gameplay) should really consider forking over the money during this dry season, though you might want to do some more research first.

SSX Tricky
My Score: 

IGNcube: 7.9
GameSpot: 8.8
SSX Tricky is a sequel to the successful SSX game which originally appeared on Play Station 2. Now that the series is graduating to Nintendo GameCube, the action is more intense than ever before. Despite responsive and realistic play control, SSX Tricky thumbs its nose at reality and allows gamers to link together impossibly insane tricks over stomach-dropping gaps. SSX Tricky is a complete experience, and while not the breakout game that a Smash Bros. may be, it is certainly entertaining, fun, and worth every penny.

Super Monkey Ball
My Score:

IGNcube: 8.3
GameSpot: 8.8
With the huge variety of gameplay modes and the amount of polish that is displayed throughout the game, Super Monkey Ball is clearly the best launch game available when it comes to multiplayer gaming, and perhaps even one of the best of all time. Don’t get me wrong though. Even as a single player game, Super Monkey Ball is a fine game, but to truly experience the entirety of this game, you’ll need a friend.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
My Score:

IGNcube: 9.6
GameSpot: 8.9
For lots of people, Super Smash Bros Melee is the system seller for the GameCube. The game is just so huge and is carrying such a large fan-base from the first title. Melee is an excellent game that deserves every little ounce of praise it gets. Its graphics are smooth and some of the best seen on any system ever. The sound is truly beautiful, with fully orchestrated background tunes and dead-on sound effects. The controls are tight and responsive and very well designed. Gameplay is top-notch, with tons of different modes to play though and a multiplayer element that is truly unbeatable. The game will never die, and will remain fresh time and time again. Super Smash Bros Melee is easily the best game available for the GameCube this year. Unless you did not like the first one, you owe it to yourself (and your friends) to own this game.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
My Score:

IGNcube: 9.1
GameSpot: 9.0
Overall, the game is faster and the levels seem to be even more packed with things to interact with than ever before. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and if you're a fan of the series, this is a fine sequel indeed. However, if you've played a THPS game before, you should ask yourself whether or not you want some more THPS action before you pick this one up. If you’ve never played a THPS game, this is a fine way to be introduced to the series.

Universal Studios Park Adventures
My Score:
IGNcube: 3.0

GameSpot: 3.5
In summation, Universal Studios is a pretty lackadaisical attempt at both a kid’s game and an all-round quality title. Though it has its moments, its flaws far outweigh its strengths. I’d love to recommend this title to kids, but I’d be skeptical to make even a statement of that nature. It’s simply indisputable that Universal Studios just isn’t the game to own, regardless of personal taste.

Wave Race: Blue Storm
My Score: 

IGNcube: 9.2
GameSpot: 8.5
The second installment of the Wave Race series takes Nintendo GameCube by storm with a fast, powerful racing experience. Realistic waves, reflections of light from the water and the spray that flies from your machine as you dodge obstacles and overtake your competitors show off the incredible special effect capabilities of the system. Up to four players can join in on a split-screen race over eight huge courses that change as you go. Given a little more time maybe there could have been some added revelations and changes that could have been made to make Blue Storm more of a classic in its own right; regardless of its few shortcomings though it is still an outstanding game and well worth owning.

Extreme G 3
My Score: 

IGNcube: 8.5
GameSpot: 8.6
Strap your hands across your GCN Controller and motorcycle down these mean streets of the grim techno-industrial future. The third installment in Acclaim's combat-bike franchise, XG3 boasts 12 daredevil drivers, 10 sinuous courses and enough advanced weaponry to satisfy the prop man on a Schwarzenegger blastfest. The main one-player mode takes you through a series of three-track leagues (Lithium, Rubidium, Caesium and Francium) named for those funny-sounding elements at the outer fringes of the periodic chart. Each race is two laps. Within a league, you must place at least seventh out of a field of 12 in order to advance to the next track.

Official Charts
Most wanted..

1 Mario Sunshine
2 The Legend of Zelda
3 Resident Evil
4 Metroid Prime
5 Star Fox Adventures

Player's choice..

1 Super Smash Bros.
2 Super Monkey Ball
3 Sonic Adventure 2
4 SSX Tricky
5 Pikmin
6 Star Wars: Rogue Leader
7 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
8 Luigi's Mansion
9 NBA Sreet
10 Simpsons: Road Rage

Top selling games..

1 Sonic Adventure 2
2 Super Smash Bros.
3 NBA Courtside 2002
4 Luigi's Mansion
5 Pikmin
6 Star Wars: Rogue Leader
7 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
8 Madden NFL 2002
9 SSX Tricky
10 Super Monkey Ball

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