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GameCube Elite

Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2
Secret Passcodes
Unlimited Lives
More Passcodes
TIE Fighter and level Passcodes

Secret Passcodes
BLAHBLAH : Audio Commentary
LIONHEAD : Black and white mode
COMPOSER : Music hall

Unlimited Lives
On the password screen, jot in:
Make sure you get it right, because there will not be a confirm sound. Then type in:
And you will have unlimited lives. Your life counter will still show three, but it will not decrease no matter how bad you crash your ship.

More Passcodes
THATSME! : Unlock Credits
?INSIDER : Unlock Documentary
EXHIBIT! : Unlock Art Gallery
Passcodes for Naboo Starfighter and Millenium Falcon
Both of these codes are two-parters. The first code will have no confirmation sound, but is necessary in order for the second code to work.
Naboo Starfighter:
Code 1: CDYXF!?Q
Code 2: ASEPONE!
Millenium Falcon:
Code 1: MVPQIU?A
Code 2: OH!BUDDY

TIE Fighter and level Passcodes
TIE Fighter:
Code 1: ZT?!RGBA
All 10 basic missions unlocked:
Code 1: !??QWTTJ
Code 2: CLASSIC (the last space is blank)
Death Star Escape Unlocked:
Code 1: PYST?OOO


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