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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
My Score:

IGNcube: 6.9
GameSpot: 6.8
Many people like to downplay or outright ignore Sonic’s exploratory nature, claiming he is all about speed...with the possible exception of the very first Sonic, that is a ridiculous statement. It’s hardly executed perfectly, but the non-Sonic gameplay brings out this sense of exploration, as do the extra missions (such as Find the Chao and Hard Mode). Trying to earn every Emblem will be a long and tedious challenge, but those who just want to play through the game will not need so much patience. The game isn’t perfect, and even those like me who adore the game will get frustrated at times, but I honestly welcome the variety. There was more that could have been tweaked , but I agree that it was time for Sonic Team USA to move on. Gamers who have played the previous version of SA2 and love the stuff SA2B improves on with a passion should buy the game right away. Other veterans should rent it, but only if they are interested in the new features. Those who never played Sonic Adventure 2 (and don’t mind non-Sonic gameplay) should really consider forking over the money during this dry season, though you might want to do some more research first.











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