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GameCube Elite

My Score:
IGNcube: 9.1
GameSpot: 8.9
An innovative and imaginative game that is difficult to categorize, Pikmin challenges you to survive on a hostile planet with help from a group of plantlike creatures that pop up from the ground. While Pikmin are not strong creatures, they show a lot of power when you gather many of them together. As a group, they are strong enough to destroy blocking obstacles and strong enough to take on much larger insect-like enemies. By accomplishing tasks with Pikmin, you can add more Pikmin to your pack, until you have a troop of 100 or more.
Strategy, resource management type games aren’t generally the what I like to play, but something about Pikmin’s feel really drew me to it, and still keeps me coming back for more. I will beat this game, and probably more than once. Pikmin more than exemplifies what “The Nintendo Difference” is all about. I think Pikmin will probably be the sleeper hit of the year. Shigeru Miyamoto has created yet another unique and wonderful experience.











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