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GameCube Elite

Extreme G 3
My Score: 

IGNcube: 8.5
GameSpot: 8.6
Strap your hands across your GCN Controller and motorcycle down these mean streets of the grim techno-industrial future. The third installment in Acclaim's combat-bike franchise, XG3 boasts 12 daredevil drivers, 10 sinuous courses and enough advanced weaponry to satisfy the prop man on a Schwarzenegger blastfest. The main one-player mode takes you through a series of three-track leagues (Lithium, Rubidium, Caesium and Francium) named for those funny-sounding elements at the outer fringes of the periodic chart. Each race is two laps. Within a league, you must place at least seventh out of a field of 12 in order to advance to the next track.











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