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A Cool interview with Shigeru Miyamoto
Secret Page!

Dengeki GameCube (GameCube magazine)
Shigeru Miyamoto (Director NCL)

Here are a few comments I thought may be of interest: 

DG: So, What's in store for 2002?

SM: Mario Sunshine and Zelda are coming along well. You don't have to worry about these (games), as the teams we have working on them are our very best people. The game I showed called 100 Marios is also developing nicely. At the moment, we're looking at a releasing one game a month. We want to release ten in house games next year. Personally, I'd like to work on new games, but at the moment there are too many people who want sequels, like Smash Brothers. 

DG: Will Pikmin have a sequel? 

SM: The engine is already there, so many ideas we wanted to put in the first title are being written down. We could turn out another one in sixth months from now, but I want the characters to appear in other games though, as Mario does. 

100 Marios? Wasn’t that Pikmin? The plot thickens...


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