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GameCube Elite


XG3: Extreme Racing

Double Prize Money
L,R,Z,L,R,Z,L+R at the start screen will give you double the bonus money.

Extreme Lap Challenge
L,R, L,R L,R, Z, L+R on the main menu.

Infinite shields/turbo
At the Press Start screen, press L+R, Z, L+R, Z for Infinite Shields. This will also give you infinite turbo boosts.
Repeat to turn the code off.

Unlimited Ammunition
Press L, R, L, R, L+R, Z
This will give you unlimited ammunition.

Unlock all Tracks/Teams
At the start screen enter L,L,R,R,Z,Z,L+R+Z.

Unlock Team Starcom
To unlock Team Starcom, simply play XG Career mode all the way through to the end, winning the race on Pion 6.

Win Current Race
L+R+Z, L+R, Z, L+R+Z you will win the race even if you blow up or quit.


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