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Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
My Score: 

IGNcube: 9.1
GameSpot: 9.4
Developed by Factor 5 in conjunction with LucasArts, Rogue Squadron II delivers eleven primary missions bursting with beautiful graphics and cutting-edge sound. You'll recognize a few of these missions ripped straight from classic Star Wars scenes, such as Death Star Attack and Battle of Hoth. Other missions, like Raid on Bespin and Vengeance on Kothlis, cover less-famous exploits of the Rebel Alliance which didn't attract as much screen time. After playing through Rogue Leader, I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some solid action gaming and any fan of the Star Wars trilogy. From the moment you see the movie clips playing in the background on the title screen you’ll love this game. Even when your ship is spiraling into a mountain with flames engulfing it, you’ll love this game. For fans of the movies, Rogue Leader is a dream come true, yet it’s still a great game for anyone.












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