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Simpsons Road Rage, The
My Score: 
hilarious match of hot license to game concept, The Simpsons Road Rage sends the sharp-tongued citizenry of Springfield on the road to earn enough dough to buy back the Springfield Transit Corp. from filthy rich grumbler J. Montgomery Burns. 
In Road Rage mode, Homer, Bart and 15 other madcap motorists rack up cash by delivering fares before time runs out. You can earn extra loot with super-fast deliveries, being extra-destructive (not as easy as you'd think) and avoiding multiple collisions. You earn extra seconds with timely deliveries and by knocking over Springfield Transit shelters. I do highly recommend Simpsons Road Rage as a rental, especially for when hanging out with friends. Hardcore Simpson fans will get a kick outta the game, but even they will question the merit of owning this game. Gameplay isn’t anything special and gets quite repetitive.











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