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GameCube Elite

All Star Baseball 2002
My Score:

IGNcube: 6.8
GameSpot: 6.5
Grumpy gamers with long memories will remember that it took a year and a half after the N64 launched for its first baseball game to hit the shelves. In what may be Exhibit A of how easy it is to program for the Nintendo GameCube, ASB 2002 is launching with the system. Stadiums and some graphics, such as player faces, have been updated. The game's solid pitching and batting engines are back. But fielding and running AI can still be frustrating. The game's most noticeable change may be the extensive commentary by Byung-Hyun Kim consoler Bob Brenley and former broadcast partner Thom Brennaman. For this, you may thank the capacious memory of the GCN's discs.












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